Kartra Cost and Which Pricing Plan is Right for You? (Updated 2021)

If you feel like this about deciding which of Kartra’s plans to choose..

Then this article should give you clarity on the few differences between the plans which may be confusing you and what you should keep in mind.

After studying and using the various features of Kartra, choosing which plan to use for Kartra ultimately comes down to:

  • Initial big jump between Starter and Silver, the big differences are the membership sites and bandwidth limits

The flow of this article will follow these topics and questions above.

If you have not signed up for Kartra yet and decide you want to give it a try after the article, you can get a 14-day free trial here (this is an affiliate link if you’d like to support me, and I’ll have a smoothie in your honor)

Basic Overview of the Plans

Kartra’s different plans as-of May 2021

I’m not going to explain every single feature listed, a lot of them are self-explanatory and Kartra explains then well here

I’m adding this image because it really makes it clear in the context of the article why I bring up the things I do in the next few paragraphs.

Difference between plans

When you see the Kartra plans (as at May 2021) side-by-side, you should 2 quite obvious differences between the plans:

  • The jump on limits from Starter to Silver and upwards; from limited to unlimited

And this is the reason I mentioned those questions at the start as being the most important.

Jump from Starter to Silver

Most of the differences between Starter and Silver are quite obvious, but I feel the membership sites and bandwidth are important to discuss.

Membership Sites

Membership sites are Kartra’s name for courses. On platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, etc, they just call them courses.

If you already have 2 courses in mind, or you’re migrating across more than 2 courses, then you’ll need to start at Silver level at a minimum.


This is important especially if you’re using video content in your courses (“membership sites”) or on sales pages, AND you’re storing the content in Kartra itself (instead of uploading to Vimeo, YouTube, etc).

I’ll explain this with an example below.


The Starter plan has a bandwidth limit of 50GB.

Your bandwidth amount is effected by:

  • The content you store in Kartra

Let’s say you have a 5 videos in a courses. Each video is 200MB. Therefore you’re using 1GB (200MB x 5) of your bandwidth limit each month (just by storing).

Then, as each member of your course streams and watches the videos, that counts towards your bandwidth limit.

If 5 users stream your full course content in a month, your bandwidth usage for that month would be 6GB (1GB storage + 1GB for each user).

This does not apply if you’re hosting your content somewhere else, e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, Amazon.

Keep this in mind when when you’re deciding if you should start with the Starter plan or above.

But ultimately this is a small concern because you can upgrade in 2-minutes if you realize the 50GB bandwidth limit is not going to be enough.

Number of Leads

If you’re just starting out and you’re not migrating from another platform, you can start with Starter, unless you need the agency features discussed later (then go with Silver plan).

The reason being..you can just upgrade in 2-minutes when you reach the limits for domains and leads.

If you already have a list of leads that you’re going to import from another platform, or one you’ve built over the years in your business, clean the list a bit and then just match the number of leads to the plan that Kartra offers.

Number of Domains

Let’s say you have multiple businesses or brands:

  • abc.com

You could manage each of these domains from a single Kartra account.

If you’re going to manage other peoples’ accounts (as discussed later), I would not recommend using domains this way.


  • yourdomain.com

It would be better to use the agency features discussed in the next section.

Important: You can buy additional domains for $10/month. So even if you’re on the Silver plan, and it does not make sense to upgrade to Gold because you do not need the higher number of leads limit, you can just pay for those additional domains separately.

Are You Going to Be Managing Other Peoples’ Kartra Accounts?

If so, you will likely need the Silver plan. But it depends how easy you want your life to be.

The reason being, the Agency features offered in the Silver plan and upwards.

Agency allows you to view and manage clients’ accounts from a single dashboard and account (yours).

Otherwise, you have to manage multiple login details for each of your clients’ accounts. They’ll either have to:

  • Provide you their login details

The first approach works fine, but it is a security risk

The second approach is better but an email can only be used once with Kartra. This means the client will have to add you as a team member with a different email or use the Gmail alias trick e.g. youremailaddress+alias@gmail.com

They both have the same end-result, you have to manage multiple emails and passwords, and this quickly becomes a headache.

Explaining the Agency Features

Even if your client already has a Kartra account, agency is still useful (explained in a paragraph or two).

With the agency features, you can either “attach” a client’s Kartra account to yours, you can “own” their account.

The first approach is preferred.

With the first approach, the client either already has their account, or you get the client to sign up with your affiliate link (so you get a bit of recurring income Kartra with no additional cost your client).

Then you can request to “attach” their account from within your own Silver plan or up Kartra account.

This is also preferred because you can also detach the client’s account at any time without a lengthy migration.


In this article we discussed, in my opinion, the most important questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about starting with Kartra and you’re not sure which plan to choose.

Those topics were:

  • The initial jump from Starter to Silver; the focus was bandwidth and membership sites

Ultimately, if you’re going to host a lot of content that is video with Kartra or you’re going to be managing other peoples’ accounts, it’s best to start with Silver plan.

The reason, the Starter plan has a limit on the amount of bandwidth i.e. data, you can store in Kartra and have “pass through” Kartra, and Starter plan does not have the agency features which will make your life a lot easier if you’re working with various clients who also use Kartra.

Final words: If you start with Starter plan though, it’s really easy to upgrade when you reach the various limits because it takes 2-minutes to upgrade, so if Kartra is catching your eye, do not over-think it in my opinion.


If you have not signed up for Kartra yet, you can get a 14-day free trial here (this is an affiliate link if you’d like to support me, and I’ll have a smoothie in your honor)

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I'm a coder and freelancer from South Africa with 5+ years experience in automations, integrations and API's using Python and Django.

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Gavin Wiener

I'm a coder and freelancer from South Africa with 5+ years experience in automations, integrations and API's using Python and Django.